What I, a Straight Man, Think About Women.

Lots of man bashing on Medium. I guess I’ll have to respond.

Photo by Oleg Ivanov on Unsplash

QUALIFICATIONS FOR WRITING THIS ARTICLE: I trust women. Life has proven to me that professional women are more trustworthy than men.

DISQUALIFICATIONS: Sometimes I don’t understand women, but perhaps I’m not supposed to. Intellectually I get them but may be wrong.

Men have brainwashed me - an abusive father and many more.

TRUTH: I love women. I can’t help it. Even women who bash men. They did bother me, but not any more. Even though I strongly believe bashing one gender harms all genders by polarizing us even more. It becomes women VS. men and that will never come to any good.

Without perfume or any applied scents, women. just. smell. wonderful. I don’t have a Gallic nose for nothing.

I love their emotionality. Especially if they’re mad as a meataxe. Women need space for their anger. Don’t men? Listen to her, let her get it out in open air, understand why she’s angry. Don’t interrogate her. And señor, if she’s mad at you, man up and take it. Correct what you did. Apologize. Go out of your way to do something nice, something well thought out and if and when she lets you, love on her.

There is nothing sexier, more graceful, more architecturally balanced and pure than a woman’s ass. Where I live, Dallas, women wear clothing that accentuates this treasured dimension of femininity. So I reject your grievances if you object to me loving it. So does the fashion industry thankfully.

I’m aware women do NOT like to be stared at. When I’m walking and they’re coming toward me, I avert my eyes. Or maybe, helplessly, break into an innocent smile. They can tell the difference.

When women are happy, they’re like music. Rodrigo or Mozart. They‘re like ocean wind lapping sand. They make me want to write poetry. I love their skin, it’s soft and smooth. And love the back of their neck. Oh my, it either has its own smell or a shampoo scent, I don’t know. I love to kiss it. I love their hands, their eyes, their ears (I already said I can’t help it), and. their. smile. I freaking melt.

Okay, so some readers will think I’m patronizing women, being a typical male bozo, blah-blah. I don’t mind. I wrote this because it’s TRUE. I love women. They intrigue me. Besides, if you agree with me, you can keep it to yourself. We never had this article.