Patriarchal Society, Part 1

The damage from this belief system is atrocious to women. And gentlemen, you’re implicit and you suffer for it.

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I’ve researched patriarchy and see it every day. We, on Medium, have a group of female writers whom I read carefully & repeatedly as my teachers and references.

Why The Church Photo

Because organized religion is the root cause of patriarchy.

Definition. Patriarchy: “A social structure in which men are considered to have a monopoly of power and women are expected to submit.”

For over 2,000 years Christianity has shaped Western thought. Traditional Western family structure includes a father who seeks professional satisfaction outside the home, and is the family’s decision maker. He holds authority over women, children and property.

As an ex Catholic, I’m scarred by this. As a little kid it scared me to pieces. Until my 20’s when a Jewish shrink said to me, “No one knows more about guilt than you and I. Your whole problem is the Catholic Church.”

According to Christianity, the only permissible male-female relationship is marriage and the only reason for sex is childbearing. The children are indoctrinated with preposterous decrees and commands, grow up, and repeat.

Side note: I believe in God. Refuse the typical layer of institutionalized human corruption. You can, and I did, go directly to Source.

Where Are We Now?

Grown men were raised patriarchally and young boys still are. Movies & media gave us bullshit male figures who were strong, unemotional, dominant, arrogant, violent, square-jawed dickheads. Men, you have been fucked over royally.

Women are fed up. I live in a city with zillions of intelligent, stunning, strong women. I see them in small groups of female-only friends, preferring that to dating an arrogant, regressive guy. It’s in my family and extended family. It’s ubiquitous - social media, news media, streaming movies, Netflix, Hulu.


No, we’re NOT all like this whether women believe it or not. We who are different are the minority.

All forms of entertainment are distributors of obsolescent lies. Untie that rope, men. Many forces profit when you believe this stuff.

Misogyny, racism and religion are close allies. They swarm over one person rendering him, because of gender and skin color, superior.

For Now

Men, patriarchic stuff exists in you and is not helping you or anyone.

Feminists, don’t bash us, b/c you’ll be doing exactly what you resent in men. Change always starts small, but the small is growing. Perhaps there are more men who support you than you realize.

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