Life With a Black Cat

I’ve never known so much love.

Photo by Sophie Louisnard on Unsplash

Her name was Fish. She’s over the Rainbow Bridge now but if she ever comes back as a woman, I’ll marry her in a heartbeat.

Fish attached to me. She didn’t insist on all my attention, but I think we both knew that we were made for each other.

Home was in an old 1930s rental in inner city Atlanta. Quiet, working folks, lots of gays, friendly people, street parking only. When I‘d get home from work, Fish was waiting for me at the nearest parking space. Just sitting patiently. I’d pick her up, put her on my shoulder, she’d purr, and we’d walk to the house pausing for neighbors.

Inside, she followed me as I put away my work stuff, showered and changed. Not meowing and insisting on attention, just ,,, there. With me.

Some Damn Tomcat ,,,

I had her spayed but too late; the vet said she was already pregnant and sewed her up. Fish didn’t get mad at me.

I usually had a break between jobs and I’d come home for lunch. One day, she wouldn’t let me alone. She WAS meowing, staring holes through me. I realized she was going to deliver.

We went to her box of old, soft towels. She jumped in, got settled and the first baby arrived. She knew instinctively what to do.

With Family

I’d been talking to her through her labor, gently, as each child was born. She had four. When the fourth found a seat at the table, Fish just looked at me as if to say, That’s it, bro. I kissed her head, rubbed my face against hers, complimented her, and she purred as loud as I’ve ever heard.

SHE WANTED ME WITH HER WHEN SHE GAVE BIRTH!! I was, and still am, amazed at being so trusted and loved. She wanted me with her. It’s been years ago but I’ve never forgotten and never will.

Then ,,,

Fish disappeared. One day, months later, she wasn’t there. I scoured the neighborhood for days, nights, asked all my neighbors, drove around a radius of streets. I walked them, day after day, asking anyone I saw if they’d noticed a black cat. I’ll never know.

You’ll think I’m nuts, but I still occasionally feel her presence. Writing this story, I’m teared up and the keyboard is blurry.

Published poet, pilot. Loves humor, quantum physics, all things artistic and sensual. TX liberal, Cajun, mentors at-risk kids, seeks equality for everyone.