• Sabrina Jacklin

    Sabrina Jacklin

  • Gary Ratliff

    Gary Ratliff

  • Scrotus the Wise

    Scrotus the Wise

    Writer, athlete, actor. Not going quietly into this or any other good night.

  • Arthur Keith

    Arthur Keith

    I write stories about my interests: music, pop culture, my late son, geography, gardening, the Southwest, drought/climate change, aviation, and gay culture!

  • Kathyjms


    life experience work on oneself freedom, autonomy and well-being are my way of life travel opens our minds

  • Jennifer K

    Jennifer K

    Champion of Strong Women | Seeker of truth, enlightenment, and avocado toast | “Gay Divorcee” (by the 1930s definition) | Staunch defender of the Oxford Comma

  • DM Shepard

    DM Shepard

    Electrical Engineer on sabbatical and author of North of Normal Tales. writing about turning 31 acres of Alaska Wilderness into an off-grid retreat

  • Matthew MacLennan

    Matthew MacLennan

    A recovering narcissist. I want to see your eyes and face your questions. — SSS Fin

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