We’re imperfect beings. Or didn’t you notice?

When you get right down to it, you’re all you have. Family, friends, GFs and BFs can’t fix your fuckups. No one can, not even you, but you can ease your inner combustion by understanding the power of self-forgiveness.

I believe most —…

It’s a batch of horrible habits, indefensible behaviors, and dumbass ideals.

Society, civilization, humanity, culture are all ignorant concepts. Pick one, any one, and it is outdated and harmful. “Society” always trails reality, is outside the realm of rational thought, and is always vastly right-wing, ultra conservative.

Patriarchy is in…


Published poet, pilot. Loves humor, quantum physics, all things artistic and sensual. TX liberal, Cajun, mentors at-risk kids, seeks equality for everyone.

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