I miss her to this day

Our first date, we met for dinner at a casual restaurant. She looked amazing and was a great conversationalist. We laughed a lot, which is a huge deal for me. Laughter uplifts us and reveals a personality better than anything I know.

On our…

Ah’m Wilbur. Yawl don’t know me and yer better off.

Ha. Mah namez Wilbur. Wilbur Cowpie. Pipple jess cawl me Pah. Fer short. Hit’s kinda weird cuz Ah ain’t short. Ah gossum complaints, Ah do.

“Pie, what’s up hoss? What are you complaining about?”

TRUMP goddam his lazy lying ace…

Not sure I can be descriptive. They taught me I wasn’t so bad after all.

For work I built & trained sales organizations for TV stations. The product is invisible. It’s called “air time,” in 30-second increments. You’ve watched truckloads of them.

I hired women account executives. It was never…

In groups = intolerable. Individually = I get by.

I’d just got dumped. Hell goddam yes it hurts. Bad. I needed out of the house and nourishment. There’s a wine bar I like in suburban Plano. It’s genteel, modest, with a list and menu rivalling anyone. …

I kid you not

Jackie was/is a brilliant scientist and gifted artist. I’d never met anyone with such an intellectual spread. A pediatrician who specialized in kids with mental problems, her paintings fetched in the high double-digit thousands.

Her own sons, teenagers at the time, were the most fucked up…

That cat knows more than you. All of them, all of you. Trust me.

I’d like you to meet Bubbles. Bubbles, these are my readers plus those who won’t admit to being my readers.

The photo is strikingly similar to Bubbles. He has white feet and a streak of white…

This is a bad dream. Wake me up RAT NOW!

This will be stream-of consciousness writing and full of errors.

My GF Maddie called me to ask if she could come over. She came over. To dump me. Did a good job. …

Billions spent every year on toys. Mostly by women. They rock.

Home Depot found that 82.3% of sales of high end, hand-held shower heads were to women. $34.09 billion is sex toy sales. To whom? Women. Sex toys for men are few and not worth a dime.

Why Do We Hide From It?

Christianity, who else…

I’ve confirmed this several times. My readers agree. RELAX.

The guy above, loose in the tree, is my hero.


Dating apps, websites, phone apps are stressful. If you use them frantically searching, seeking, swiping, looking everywhere ,,, you’re creating blockage.

Blockage by stress and frustration is like of a river…

It may be TRUMP country but it’s beautiful to we who appreciate beauty.

My lover is from NYC recently relocated to Dallas. I got her acquainted with the city, then got an idea.

East Texas is beautiful, open spaces, hilly, peaceful, TOTALLY quiet. …

Skip Broussard

Published poet & commercial pilot. Loves humor, books, quantum physics, all things artistic and sensual. Open minded, free-form kind of guy.

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